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Marketing Your Practice During COVID-19

What Should You Do?

Marketing Your Practice COVID-19 Google Ads

Marketing Your Practice During COVID-19

I have had many Dental Practices contact me to see what they should be doing with their marketing during the COVID-19 Shelter In Place.

Now is the time for your practice to take advantage of all things digital. Everyone is on social media right now, soaking in updates and talking with other people. People are reading their email and text messages because that’s really one of the only forms of communication you can have when you are supposed to be home and not going out.

Emergency Dentist Google Ads

There are many people that are having Dental Emergencies during the COVID-19 shelter in place. If you are willing to provide Emergency Dental Services you could obtain 4 to 8 Emergency Dental Appointments per day with Google Ads.

Video Consultations

Integrate Zoom Video into your website. This will allow your patients to schedule video consultations and appointments without visiting the office. Video consultations are perfect for Invisalign Consults if you are a Invisalign Provider.

Communicate Often

You should be using your Blog, Social Media (Facebook + Instagram), Text Messages and Email to communicate your practices protocol during Shelter In Place. Discuss how you will be rescheduling and handling appointments once your Practice re-opens.

I care about the success of your business as much as you do.

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