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Having a professionally designed website is the first step to an effective online presence for any dental practice.

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Dental Web Design + Development

Having a professionally designed web site is the first step to an effective online presence for any practice. Your cannot afford a poorly designed, non engaging website. Your website is a reflection of your business, it is your best advertising tool and the most important part of your overall internet marketing strategy.

Optimize Giant specializes in designing beautiful, easy-to-use websites. We focus on results and believe in the value of strategic thinking. Our designs not only look professional, but are functional and effective in engaging your patients.

All Of Our Websites Include The Following Services

Hosting + Maintenance

• WordPress Core Files Updated
• WordPress Theme Files Updated
• WordPress Plug-In Files Updated
• Server Hosting Fees
• Secure Socket License (SSL)


All of the information on your website and transmitted through your website is trusted and secure with our Secure Socket License (SSL). Optimize Giant protects critical applications from the threat of attacks hiding in encrypted traffic.

HIPAA & ADA Compliant

Optimize Giant meets all of the HIPPA & Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, which states that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities.

Semi-Custom Web Design

Medical Web Design

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Meet Curt Barnickel • Optimize Giant

Curt will work with you directly to Tailor A Marketing Strategy That Makes Since for your dental practice, Meets Your Marketing Goals, And Fits Your Budget!

Curt Barnickel Optimize Giant Glen Ellyn

Curt is the proud owner of Optimize Giant where he has made it his personal mission to increase revenues of each dental practice he works with customize solutions that fit the needs of each practice. Curt’s Marketing career started in graphic design at Paragon Graphics and Printing where he honed his knowledge of graphic design, page layout and printing logistics ensuring any project would be camera ready. This advantage lead to his career breakthrough at Adams 12 School District where he quickly rose to the position of Senior Graphic Designer in 2003. In 2005 Curt obtained a position as the Art Director at Haifleigh Brand Works, a Denver based brand communications company specializing in Digital Marketing.

In his first position in the Dental Industry he started as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist for a large Bay Area Dental Practice Marketing Company, he created and implemented both Social Media Marketing and Google Ads Advertising solutions for Dental Practices. From there, he started a small Dental Practice Marketing Company specifically for dentists where he created and implemented Local SEO, Digital Advertising and Social Media Marketing strategies & products that retained and obtained new patients for each practice he worked with.

Over the course of his career, Curt has become a recognized Dental Marketing expert. Curt has experience in the creation and execution of marketing strategies, public and community relations, networking, patient communications, staff sales training, phone scripting and training, advertising, internet/web presence, SEO (search engine optimization), direct mail programs, email newsletters, and much more.

Curt educates dentists how to achieve practice growth in the most powerful and cost effective ways. He inspires his practices to embrace the rapid changes marketing in order to grow their practices. Curt’s marketing knowledge can transform a surviving practice into a thriving practice.

Dental Marketing is Curt’s passion and he is committed to providing you with a superior marketing and consulting experience. Call Curt today to learn more. 630-333-1241

Website Hosting + Maintenance

• Lease Optimized Service Content
• Monthly WordPress Core Files Updated
• Monthly WordPress Theme Files Updated
• Monthly WordPress Plug-ins Updated
• Server Hosting Fees
• Secure Socket License – Website Security



New patients are looking for dentists on the first page of Google. If you’re not on the first page, you’re not getting noticed. We guarantee you’ll be on the first page of Google for at least two dental services you offer, or we’ll work for free.


Ten seconds. That’s how long your website has to get the attention of a new patient, before they click on to the competition. You then have one minute to win their trust. You need a unique, personal, engaging website to stand out from the crowd.


We build social media communities – converting followers into patients one photo and post at a time. Identify, connect and build loyalty with real people who closely identify with your target consumer – helping to spread the good word about your practice and service.


Google is the most dominating search engine. So, it should be a top priority. Since it dominates both local and Web search field, you should list your business first with Google and its Local Business Center.


Intelligent, targeted ads on Google are very effective. Google AdWords Advertising allows for instant search exposure and first page ranking. We’ll design the ad, track the effectiveness, and make sure you get patients. That’s what we do.


What makes you unique? Why should patients choose you over a dozen other dentists nearby? You need to build and project a brand that showcases who you are and why you’re the best. We’re the best at doing that for you.