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Google Ads

Google Advertising Campaigns provides some of the highest ROI for our businesses that want immediate results.

Be Found On The First Page Of Google Today.

Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads Allows For Instant Exposure And First Page Ranking. My Google Advertising Process is designed to immediately start driving New Customers to your Business!

Optimize Giant will craft solid Ad Campaigns that promote your specialty services or product with the right message that will drive new customers to your business.

I optimize your campaign so you pay less per lead and only target customers in your surrounding area. In addition, we track the results to ensure you’re getting a high Return On Investment.

Google Ads Are { Measurable • Accountable • Flexable }


I am able to measure the results of your Google Ads Campaigns in real-time to ensure you are getting the most bang for your marketing buck. I optimize, manage and report to you on your Google Ad Campaigns. Each month we will set a time to meet to review your Campaigns.


Using the Google Ads Platform I am able to report the number of new customer leads your business receives each week and how much each lead costs. I optimize your ad campaigns to obtain more new customers for less money on a daily basis.


I am are able to start, stop and tweak your Ad Campaigns and offers based on your marketing goals. Optimize Giant is able to select specific demographic data including location, age, and average household income so we are finding you the perfect customers.

Advertise Where Your Customers Are.


Google Ads allows for instant first-page rankings. I will craft an effective Google Ad Campaign that promotes your Products, Services, Specials, and Sales with a powerful messaging that drives new customers to your business.

Google Ads

Start Reaching New Customers Today

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I care about the success of your business as much as you do.