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Sell Your Products Online WIth Shopify

There has never been a better time to start selling online & On Social Media.

Shopify eCommerce Websites

Optimize Giant uses Shopify to launch online stores for our retail clients.  Shopify offers a lot more than an eCommerce sales platform. I set developed your Shopify Stores product database and inventory management system, allowing you to sell items on a website, through channels such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, eBay and in a point of sales situation.

Its time to take your Local Shop to the Internet and sell to the masses.

Benefits Of Shopify

Sell Online & In Person

Optimize Giant can not only help you set up your new Shopify Website we can help you integrate the Shopify Point Of Sale (POS) System into your business.  I help your business sell online and in person, while managing my inventory and keeping track of your products. Start selling online and in person today with Shopify.

Social Media Shops

Optimize Giant will set up your Shopify Store so that you can sell your products on Social Media Shops like Instagram, Facebook, eBay and Etsy. Your current customers and new customers spend a lot of time swiping up on these Social Media Networks, your brand and products should be there too.

Search Engine Optimization

I believe that Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of any Digital Marketing Strategy. Shopify has many tools and applications that allow me to optimize your online store so that your products appear on the first page of Google Search and Google Images when customers are shopping online. You will increase sales at least 25% using Shopify.

People Are Shopping All Day and All Night.

Your Shop Should Be Open 24/7. It can be with Shopify.

I care about the success of your business as much as you do.

Let's Find A Way To Work Together.